Mango Wood Smoked Longganisa Baguio Style

Mango Wood Smoked Longganisa Baguio Style

Chef Gino's Kitchen
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Weight: 500g
Quantity: 12 pcs/package
Portion: Good for 3-4 persons

Product Description.

  • Ready to Cook
  • Frozen
  • Garlicky longganisa with 80/20 meat to fat ratio with a pleasant wood smoke flavor

Prep Time
5 mins

 Cook Time
8-10 mins

Cooking Method
Pan Sear

Cooking Procedures:
  1. In a pan, put 1 cup water and add longganisa. Boil until longganisa is thawed out and soft.
  2. When dry, turn heat to medium and add 3 tbsp. oil. Slowly fry longganisa until cooked.